Tinsel & Twine



A few of our favorite things: Erica's Stuff

Liz, Adette, and I spend the majority of our waking hours together, for work and/or play. That's the beauty of going into business with two of your best lady friends. Because we are so often connected at the hip (or at least the iPhone), we have adopted a lot of similar stylistic tendencies: Moleskine everything, industrial accessories, city-stompin' boots, and a primarily black-on-black wardrobe. Still, there are definitely details and styles that are unique to each of us. 

Normally, I like to carry a day's worth of goodies in a larger purse. (What I call my "Mary Poppins" bags. Who know when you'll need a pair of floral shears. Change of clothes. Tiffany lamp.) But for times when I need to travel light, here are the essentials you would likely find in my clutch. (Clockwise, from top left)

Business Cards: This might seem like an obvious choice, but as head shmoozer-in-chief, I tend to restock my purse with these on a daily basis. When we're out and about, our M.O. is to make it rain biz cards.

Jackie Robinson "42" Pin: I'm a proud alum of the Jackie Robinson Foundation. As the acting Northeast Regional Coordinator, it's my responsibility to help promote Jackie's legacy of leadership, integrity, scholarship, and service. A lot of people know he broke barriers in the sports world, but I also like to carry a reminder of his wins in business. A gentleman and a bad-ass baller in every sense of the word.

Pink Snakeskin Jump-Drive & Gold Gator Skin Business Card Holder: Because I love animal print, a pop of pink, and all gold everything. 

Moleskine Receipt Folio: In which I catalog my personal and business expenses. Yes, there is a tab dedicated to our red wine allowance. #yolo

Chanel Lipstick & Prada Nail Polish ("Passione"): I'm not big into labels. Generally. But there is something luxurious about carrying a little Coco and Prada around with you. The lipstick was a birthday gift from Adette, who really knows how to spoil a girl. The polish was a perk of my past life in fashion marketing. 

Moleskine Notebook: Liz, Adette, and I are all loyal Moleskine users. Adette likes hers with blank pages, conducive to sketches and her enviably perfect handwriting. Liz goes for the grids -- remnants of her science lab background, I think. I like my notebooks with lined pages, perfect for list-making, and I buy each new book in a different bold color. Most recently, I'm carrying "Tinsel yellow."

Nneka Saran Clutch: This was a present from my very stylish mommy dearest. The designer is another Virginia girl. I'm a big fan of all of the bright colors, gold wide-toothed zipper, mixed textures, and sexy satin lining. It's got a lot of personality but can really go with anything. (Especially when that thing is a Tinsel tassel.)

Karaoke Tickets: The three of us met singing acapella together in college. We never imagined that we would one day build an empire together. But real talk: We probably did imagine that we would still be killing it at karaoke together. You haven't heard Dolly Parton's "Jolene" until you've heard these ladies sing it in three-part harmony.

Mazel tov,