Tinsel & Twine



A few of our favorite things: Liz's Stuff

My turn. You've already peeked into Adette and Erica's list of essentials; here are some of mine. (Hint: I like flowers and skulls.)

Large Flower Clutch: As the resident flower-gal, I love having these babies on me as much as possible. I like adding pops of color to my otherwise neutral wardrobe. Flowers and crazy-patterned pants, of course.

Non-Fiction Biz Book: I was really good at studying for organic chemistry exams in college. This is my way of studying for our business. Too bad Adam (the NYU professor who wrote this book, and former Tinsel client) can't give an us an A+ for our business - though I'm sure he would.

Snake Matchbox: I bought this on a whim at a little boutique in Nashville. I love exploring curated boutiques around on my travels to remind me of where I have been. I usually do this with jewelry, but couldn't resist the design.

Skull Ring: The Great Frog London. I love this shop. It was established in the 70's, and it's a favorite of metal rock stars. This was a gift from my husband for our anniversary last year. I think I'll keep him (er -- I mean it). I love how anatomically precise it is.

Pink Pen: World's worst hand writing? Right here. So pretty colors help me to decipher my client notes later that day.

Moleskine Notebook: Always a necessity. We talk to so many people, visit so many places, and scheme so many things in a day that if I didn't write it down I would never remember anything.

iPad: My app of choice: Paper. This bad boy lets me sketch mockup idea for installation work to share with our team and clients. A must-have for me to convey new 'staywithmehere' ideas.

Silver Business Card Case: Why have a traditional one when you can add this level of badass? I believe I've had this one (my collection has a few more) since college!

Lipstick and More Lipstick: It's either daytime nude (love NARS) or nighttime deep purple berry (MAC lasts forever). 

Skull Bracelet: Another gift from the The Great Frog London, from my husband (what a great guy!) Once he know's I love a store, he tends to stick with it.

Flower Stamps: I have bought tons of these and use them on all our Tinsel business mail. They are just so beautiful. Way to go USPS, you get one point, just one.

Jibe ho,