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A Few of Our Favorite Things: Adette's Stuff

Liz, Erica, and I have different taste (which you can see at a glance here), but there's one thing we all have in common: the 714 bags we're constantly toting around filled with backdrops, stationery, yoga clothes, pliers, candlesticks–and hell–the butcher and the baker, while we're at it. It's New York; we've got bags on bags on bags, and large ones at that.

So, what happens when we're allowed just one, normal-sized bag? What would be in it? These are a few of our favorite things. (Clockwise, from top left)

Moleskine Notebook: We've each got our own flavor, and mine is the hardcover, unlined sketchbook. Yum. The pages are thick and sturdy, so the ink doesn't bleed through. Perfect when I'm in the mood to go mad on it with felt-tip pen sketches or plotting out our grand visions for biz dev. 

Klipsch Headphones: Liz, Erica, and I all met singing a cappella in college (Mm hmm. I said it.), so music is a big part of our lives. I know I speak for the three of us when I say that there's nothing like a good cover/mash-up. Besides, every New Yorker knows you can't leave your apartment without two things: a book and headphones. How else can you avoid eye contact and conversation with all the crazies out there?  

Miansai Bracelet and Movado Watch: These are constantly on my wrists. Both have matte finishes, and I love the texture and how the black and gray play off of each other. Discovered Miansai when some of his men's jewelry caught my eye. I believe the watch is a men's watch as well. I tend to like accessories that are on the "masculine" side–leather couches and smoky whiskey included.

Chanel Lipstick: But a woman's got to have her power red. Mine is called Pirate. Arrrr.

Metrocard and U.S. Passport: For too long, I was running around like a crazy person without a driver's license. I'm happy to report I finally have a NYC license (must mean I have officially arrived...), and I can add that to the collection of objects that will get me from point A to point B and C and D and Paris. Metrocard is clutch for all my local jaunts, and since I'm a big nerd, I'll just leave this right here.

Sharpie Pen: I'm picky about pens, and this one's my jam right now. I like the sound it makes against the paper.

iPhone and Jump Drive: Tech. I love it. I've always been a gadget geek, so these two are staples in my bag. Perfect for art files, music, and mapping out the quickest route to the next stop. Besides, the jump drive in wood is a cute homage to the days before I saw in pixels and RGB.

Paul Smith Money Clip and Ca$h Money: Been on the hunt for the perfect money clip for a while, and I fell in love with this little number by Paul Smith earlier this year. It's got just a little pop of color to keep things interesting. 

A Novel: As I mentioned, a book is an essential shield if you want to survive in NYC. Liz, Erica, and I are big readers. While we've been known to read a few pointers from biz books, I tend to veer towards fiction. Currently deep into Murakami-land; finished Colorless Tsukuru and found myself falling into this one. Loving it so far. Perfect for forgetting that you're stuck on the F train for an hour because the MTA thinks it almost might maybe possibly rain tomorrow. On to Anaïs Nin and Zadie Smith after this.   

Delfonics Clutch: Found this in a boutique in Fort Greene and was hooked by the Japanese brand. White, faux leather, complete with Tinsel tassel. Printed on the inside: "It all depends on how you see and interpret things." A wise, wee, little bag.

Billykirk Keyring and Swiss Army Knife: Billykirk is another brand I'm crushing on. Have one of their men's bags as my go-to "purse" year-round. This key ring is more femme than their usual fare, with its turquoise color; it was a collabo between them and Opening Ceremony. Swiss Army knife in a wooden finish for those moments that I just need to McGyver out. (If you're singing the theme song now, then we should be friends.)

Speaking of friends, big thank you to Deo Anunciado for lending us his talents. He's seen TINSEL grow from our early shots on Daily Candy over four years ago! 

"Time doth flit. Oh shit."

C'est tout.