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Adventures Away: Salt Lake City


Tinsel Meets the High West

My trips to Utah usually involve a snowboard, hiking boots, or wresting with my red-headed nieces and nephews over the Wii remote. But for this trip, in a serendipitous twist of fate, Tinsel found out we won tickets to the Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City at the same time I was going to be in Utah. 

Let me preface this with the fact that I hate writing. Paper-writing is like pulling teeth and I’d much rather write formulas for an excel sheet while juggling end-of-month numbers. 

THE conference for bloggers (writers, right?) across the nation seemed a bit out of my box as Tinsel production boss back in Brooklyn, overseeing our staff, making sure all the sourcing gets done, and ensuring each of our events look as as rad as we initially proposed and drafted up for our clients.

So. I guess I’m a bit out of my box here, but exited to share my Tinsel adventure – even if it does involve some word processing.

Salt Lake City Alt Summit

What an inspiring, informative, and exhausting conference! I love owning a business where I can constantly bounce ideas off of people and be collaborative in what is produced.  Altitude Summit felt a bit like being in college again, where listening to lectures while frantically taking notes to review later was the order of the day. Between ‘classes’ I found some really great photographers, small business owners, and agency folks to share the love…

Sara Deragon, Portraits to the People, and Lisa Shaffer, Zelma Rose   

I knew I found my ‘tribe’ when I saw Sara and Lisa.  These amazing ladies taught a smashing class on utilizing instagram for your business.  At Tinsel, we have found that more and more of our clients find us through what we are doing on instagram.  I’ve realized as much as I love rocking my status as the social media-challenged partner of our trio, Instagram is fast becoming (and might be already) the most powerful tool for reaching the people and companies with which you want to establish connections. An abbreviated version of their presentation can be found on Sarah’s blog. 

Emily McDowell, Emily McDowell Stationery and Gifts  

Emily’s was the very last presenter that I saw at Alt Summit.  As a former Creative Director at a well-known agency, this hit close to home as Adette also has chops as a Creative Director. Listening to Emily talk about her ‘take no prisoners, but all the risk’ method to starting up her own company based on merchandising and producing product, was not so much a roadmap but more of a lesson in ‘don’t let not knowing stop you from just hitting go.’ 

“Fear is an asshole and a liar.”
— Emily McDowell

Mindy Cone, The Real Scoop on Publishing a Book 

I love a dense, informative, discussion about just about anything. It means I can refer back to my notes to check on a certain point and see if I’ve got it right (must be my science background). So Mindy’s round table on the various paths to publishing and outline of what goes into a pitch through the lens of marketing was a perspective that you can’t get by simply Google-ing.

Martha Stewart & Gabrielle Blair Q&A

Man, Martha is one accomplished business owner. This Q&A was an insightful look into how a business, no matter how big, is about designing a consistently evolving system. The creative force that Martha employs on a regular basis is used to hone and reevaluate the structure of her business. She chatted about the importance of paying her creatives the same as her business and finance employees, bringing her label to the emerging middle class in China, and how being a entrepreneur means deciding what is the most important use of your time (and yes, sometimes that is taking a few hours to garden).  A whirlwind chat spanning her breadth of knowledge, years of experience, and the evolution of her company.

 Martha is going to be sitting in one of these chairs any minute now... any minute...

Martha is going to be sitting in one of these chairs any minute now... any minute...