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Adventures Away: Zion

The Way Way Up

Vegas - The crazy juxtaposition of natural desert landscape and the strip.  Cabanas, black jack, and rock climbing. Also, 1000 degrees. After a day and a half, I’m ready to hit the road.

Zion. Utah Desert. The Grand Canyon can suck it.  This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and our good friends live around here. So naturally we had to do a hike followed by a jump in the local reservoir, Quail Creek. I found some of the juniper berries our floral team loves to use while on our hike. (READ: ball-busting rock scramble through near-vertical sandstone slot canyons laced with prickly pear cacti and coyote scat.)

4.5 hours later, driving at 95 miles per hour, and we are in SLC. Ready for the conference, after getting my shitty lash extensions removed.