Tinsel & Twine



So what IS Event Design?

We always get asked: "So... what exactly is Event Design?" It's a relatively new topic, and though we started in Event Planning, we quickly found out that designing is what we love. Event Design encompasses all the aesthetic elements that go into any event: from floral arrangements to photobooth backdrops... from overall concepting to execution and bringing it to life. We do it all!

So we've updated our site to reflect that more. Flowers? Yes, we do that. Paper sculptures? Yes, we do that too. Product Displays? Yes, we do that. French Bulldogs? Mais oui, mes amis!

Monday, and we're in Turbo TINSEL mode. Lots of exciting events in the pipeline including more shop redesigns, window displays, holiday parties, and an auction with Owen Wilson! Giddy up.