Tinsel & Twine



The TINSEL Studio

"Bold, edgy, and avant-garde"  were the couple ideas that came up during our meeting with our interior designer–and good friend–Lee. Today, we thought it would be fun to introduce a little bit of our vision for our studio, our home in the creative heart of Dumbo, Brooklyn. We've been here in the new space for only a couple of months, from our previous studio two floors up. Now, we've found ourselves with about 1200 sq. ft. of unencumbered potential: exposed brick walls, soft brick arches, and a wide open layout. We want to design a space that's warm and inviting–to both clients and our team. A place that inspires us. A place that's truly designed. So, we asked Lee Piper, our amazing interior designer, to helps us create this magical space. We brainstormed, and came to the conclusion that the studio should reflect TINSEL's image: Bold and hip, but also warm and avant-garde.

The Color Palette:

The main tones that we wanted to implement were a mix of blue-turquoise, warm chocolates, and all the gray. The dark gray walls will bring out the edgier, darker side of the spectrum and will be a perfect contrast with the light, natural wood and stark white conference table. The blue-turquoise hints would bring a pop of color in the office and luckily for us, “blue has been said to illicit productivity” as, said in a Lifehack office design article. Various design elements like chairs, canvases and other props, will bring the blue-turquoise touches and bring on the productivity.

Desk & Black Wall.jpg
Conferance Table.jpg


The different materials and textures Lee wanted to incorporate were natural wood, metal and rope.  For the partners' office space partitioned off, we will build a wooden continuous desk. The wooden desk will run along the room and will be in ideal foil for the dark gray walls. The conference table and other tables will be highlighted with bright white lacquer wood and metal table legs, designed by Ceci Thompson, as an airy steel pedestal base that radiates a fresh attitude. Finally, but not least, the rope wall. We chose a studio as an open office because we want to work together as a big team in a big space. For this reason, we decided to introduce a black fine rope wall as a noise barrier and for a little privacy for important meetings but still open to the rest of the office.



The bold and the edgy will clearly be the items bringing in the bold and edgy aspect of the studio. At first, we wanted to include a large skull canvas, but we finally fell in love with a gorgeous turquoise snake. I mean, look at it. It's incredible. So, we're thinking of getting an entire back wall featuring it, behind the floral workstations, and by the team lockers. We also found a beautiful flower still-life with shades of dark grey, blue, and yellow–perfect for the rest of the studio.

We're very excited to start building and putting all the pieces in place. As Chris Pullman said: “Design is not the narrow application of formal skills, it is a way of thinking.”

Happy designing,