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The Bowery Hotel Pop-Up Flower Shop

My my, what a blur 2015 has been already... and we've been neglecting our little blog. So, brace yourself for lots of updates in the coming weeks to make up for the silence–which has been very uncharacteristic for TINSEL. Lord knows we are not quiet people.

First up! We were asked to be a featured floral designer at The Bowery Hotel's Pop-Up Flower Shop. Say that 3 times quickly. So, TINSEL put together a moody display of ranunculus, white roses, navy blue woven textures, and gold skulls. Like ya do.

And can we take a moment to talk about how beautiful the space was? It felt like we were transported to another world and another time. Old school New York is just so romantic, no?


Speaking of romantic, back to our beautiful flower shop display. Look at these beauties.


Should out to old friends (Patina ladies, what up.) and new (Emily Thompson, can we hang out, like always?). 

Such a lovely afternoon spent in the company of beautiful flowers and beautiful people. Especially with how cold and wintery New York has been lately. Springtime, you see us? We're a'flirtin' with ya! Get your ass over here and buy us a drink already. We're all the way over this winter.

Flower power,