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Our Swizz Intern: Mz. Bautz

Happy Monday! The frozen tundra of Brooklyn is finally slowly thawing (All it took was daylight saving time? Dude, why didn't we turn our clocks ahead sooner??), and we've got flowers and fun times at the studio. (Namely, arranging with light-colored roses that we're dubbing "Moody Nudeys." You're welcome.) We've been running even faster than normal (What? But how?), but we want to take a moment to celebrate our newest ray of sunshine: Jessica Bautz. (Squeeee. End parentheticals.)

 Bautz is on a boat! Lake Leman. #nbd

Bautz is on a boat! Lake Leman. #nbd

She found us. She came all the way from Switzerland to be our spring/summer intern, and she's bringing all that sunshiny spirit in spades. Today is her birthday; she turns the big 2-2. Yes, we know, she's aging before our very eyes, so we wanted to give this old gal a little birthday love. 

We asked her to write a few intro words: what she wants to do, how she came about event design, and why she came to this big, bad city

TINSEL: So... event design. Is it big in Switzerland? What the what?

BAUTZ: When I tell people in Switzerland that I ultimately want to be a wedding planner, they often laugh or tell me that only exists in movies. It’s difficult for Swiss people to realize that wedding planning is a growing industry. In Switzerland, weddings are pretty conservative and often at church followed by a dinner at a hotel, which isn’t what I would want for the “most important day of my life”. I want to think out of the box and give the Swiss wedding industry a fresh new start and what better people to learn from than Americans–because we all know that nothing is to big or impossible over here!

TINSEL: Ha! 'Murrrica. And you came to NYC too, at that. So what are you studying? What does one do to get into event design, and in your case, wedding planning?

BAUTZ: I study hospitality management at a hospitality college in Lausanne, where most of the students do their internships in banks, hotels or big firms. [TINSEL crinkles nose at this...] I didn’t want to do an internship like theirs because I didn’t want to be a little bee in a big hive. I wanted to live an experience and working in a small company that would welcome me like family. [TINSEL smiles warmly.] 

TINSEL: So, why'd you come here? And how'd you find us, anyway? (Wait, are we big in Switzerland??)

BAUTZ: I decided to apply for internships in The States because I am half American and Swiss and wanted to intern abroad, so why not in my other homeland. I applied and got several offers but then one company looked a bit different than the others and that was Tinsel & Twine, and I just knew that was the company I was going to intern for.

TINSEL: [Blushes] (OK... 1/3 of us blushed because 2/3 of us is black/brown.)

BAUTZ: Two days before my departure, I packed my two suitcases in about two hours taking what was important: my NY guides, my computer, winter clothes [TINSEL hopes she packed enough wool sweaters...] and of course books. I love reading and often have a book in my bag for when I need to kill time. At ten years old, when all the other kids were busy reading Harry Potter books, I was reading World War II books and women’s rights books. My friends often make fun of me because I love history so much and can spend hours discussing it around a glass of wine. [TINSEL loves her for this... sí, claro.] I left for New York, The “Big Apple,” and even though I have already been in the city a couple times, I was excited as if it was the first time because that’s the effect New York has on people. I wasn’t scared because couldn’t believe I was leaving, and still now can’t believe I am in New York.

TINSEL: So... what do you think so far?

BAUTZ: A month has gone by and I have already lived a couple adventures with the TINSEL team and yet know there is still so much to come…

TINSEL: [pops a bottle of champagne] (No, really. We're now having birthday mimosas. Cheers!)