Tinsel & Twine



TINSEL + Vestiaire Collective at Gallow Green

Oh, we were pushing for this summer heat–real hard. At the beginning of June, despite weather cold enough for puffer jackets (yes, down-feather puffer jackets... in JUNE!), we created a rooftop dinner for Vestiaire Collective. Welcoming Kate Foley as Contributing Fashion Director, we went for French chic with a touch of British countryside. The result was a lot of green, a propos for the venue, and lights... all the lights. 

Our team of #ladiesonladders started with creating lush coverage throughout the entire rooftop.

And we dressed one long table, with lush florals to drape down, overflowing onto the floor to create a luxurious feel to the evening, with handwritten menus and figs as a finishing touch for each place setting.

And we created floral swings to showcase some of Vestiaire's prize pieces during cocktail hour. (You do not want to know how much that Hermes bag is going for...)

The space looked like a fairy tale.

And despite the rain, we had a little moment in the sun. 


Photos by Chellise Michael and Ben Lozovsky.