Tinsel & Twine



TINSEL + Weeksville Heritage Center

Sometimes, a client comes along, and we know right from the get-go, that it's meant to be. Weeksville was one of those clients. We met Tia at the Prospect Park Fall Gala, and her elegance and energy drew us to her. Soon, we were exchanging stories over glasses of wine and fancy little moves on the dance floor. Turns out, she works for a wonderful organization, celebrating and commemorating the first free black community in New York. The Weeksville Heritage Center, deep in Brooklyn, is a campus that showcases a mix of the old (historic houses) and new (a modern main building), and they wanted to throw a party that would highlight that unique heritage. Cue our jazz-era celebration, transforming their modern space into a vintage-y jazz club lounge. And to the musical stylings of Dandy Wellington and his Band, some energetic dancers, and other equally energetic notable guests.

We created a space that's reminiscent of an old jazz club lounge, and flower arrangements of shades of wine and crimson to match.

The night ended with a lot of smiles, dance moves, and connections–and we're not just talking about the guests. Hands down, one of our favorite events to date. Looking forward to more beautiful shenanigans with Tia and her team at Weeksville. Some clients just feel like coming home.

With love,

Photos by Tory Williams.