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Sales Strategy

Strategy has been top of mind for us lately, and as three self-identified nerds (OK, 2 out of 3... we'll let you guess which partner isn't as nerdy), we turn to good old-fashioned book learnin' when in doubt. Enter our monthly Business Book Club, where we choose 3 books to read and share with Team TINSEL. This month, we've identified sales as the first area of focus.

Over the past 5 years (Five already?! Good grief...), we've had the great fortune of working with like-minded clients that have a vision for an event coupled with (lucky us!) great taste. The trick is: how do we find more of them? How do we position TINSEL to attract and retain these clients so that we can all make smarter, more beautiful events together? 

Because it's sales, we decided we wanted to explore a few different perspectives, and maybe even be a little OG about it. Not that we want to go all infomercial style up in here–nobody wants that–but there are tried-and-true sales principles that we would love to know–as the extent of our sales education was limited to a few weeks at business school. So we turned to our friends with sales expertise and savvy, and here are their recommendations. (Already loving these covers, amiright?) 

But wait, there's more! Our Goldman Sachs 10KSB classes have been incredible already. We've been working on identifying new business opportunities, assessing our risks, and taking stock of our inventory of resources while addressing big questions we haven't discussed at length (What's the ultimate goal, really? 20, 30, 40 years from now...) and focusing on the overall picture. It's been a trip to fly at a higher altitude, looking at the business from a bird's eye perspective. Excited to see how the next few months shape us. 

What about you? Any sales books and sales strategies that have drastically altered your business and your perspective? And while we're asking questions, who moved my cheese?*