So what IS Event Design?

We always get asked: "So... what exactly is Event Design?" It's a relatively new topic, and though we started in Event Planning, we quickly found out that designing is what we love. Event Design encompasses all the aesthetic elements that go into any event: from floral arrangements to photobooth backdrops... from overall concepting to execution and bringing it to life. We do it all!

So we've updated our site to reflect that more. Flowers? Yes, we do that. Paper sculptures? Yes, we do that too. Product Displays? Yes, we do that. French Bulldogs? Mais oui, mes amis!

Monday, and we're in Turbo TINSEL mode. Lots of exciting events in the pipeline including more shop redesigns, window displays, holiday parties, and an auction with Owen Wilson! Giddy up.

TINSEL + Ellen

Aaaaaand, our flowers made their national debut on The Ellen Show! We were excited to design flowers for the show, but what-the-what? We did not expect that the featured guest would be none other than Hillary Clinton herself, and we certainly did not expect her to do the nae-nae. Tsk tsk. We'll just leave this right here then:

See the flowers on set? Those are TINSEL! Wish we had time to take more photos of the finished products (and the whole set, for that matter), but we've been back-to-back with events, so we'll just have to settle for these awesome shots on Insta. That's right: over 1,300,000 views on YouTube and another 1,000,000 likes on Instagram between Hillary Clinton, Pink, and Amy Schumer... TINSEL design has gone viral!

Thanks to our incredible team. #ladiesonladders, you never cease to amaze us. 

Twinkle Toes,

TINSEL + Misha Nonoo + ALDO Shoes

And all of a sudden, it's autumn. This fall's fashion week, we had the honor of designing a pop-up shop for Misha Nonoo to showcase her latest collection and her partnership with ALDO Shoes. We decked out Fort Gansvoort and created a British-tea-shop-inspired destination, coupled with Parsian-newspaper-stand-chic. Crumpets, ranunculus, and shoes. What more can a NY-city woman ask for during fashion week?

Sweater weather ready,

Photos by Claire Eliza.

A midsummer Night's Wedding at The NoMad Hotel

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of producing a gorgeous wedding on the rooftop of the NoMad Hotel. The bride and groom described their dream wedding as a modern midsummer night's dream. Theirs was a midsummer night's dream that felt formal but not stuffy, sophisticated by not stiff. 

The tabletop was styled with hedges of blush-toned roses and crystalline candelabras, paired with unexpectedly playful details like gold rabbit, duck, and piglet figurines. Tufted chesterfields from our friends at Patina helped ground the old world glam feel of the celebration. The newlyweds and their guests ate, drank, and made merry late into the night to a sweet soundtrack by the Nightingale Jazz Band. Pro photos from Mango Studios and video from NST Pictures to come. But in the meantime, some shots from our handy-dandy iPhones.

TINSEL + The Body Shop

Phew–it's been a wild ride! A couple of weeks ago, a friend called us Friday night at 6:00 PM with a challenge. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, was to redesign an entire shop by Sunday, at 10:00 AM... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. We had a blast redesigning The Body Shop (on Astor Place). The client's vision was clear, and the new direction for their brand was on brand with TINSEL: lush greens, science lab beakers, and gorgeous displays. Yes, please. Below are some shots from the shop. Looking forward to redesigning the rest of the Manhattan locations... and beyond!