TINSEL + Vestiaire Collective at Gallow Green

Oh, we were pushing for this summer heat–real hard. At the beginning of June, despite weather cold enough for puffer jackets (yes, down-feather puffer jackets... in JUNE!), we created a rooftop dinner for Vestiaire Collective. Welcoming Kate Foley as Contributing Fashion Director, we went for French chic with a touch of British countryside. The result was a lot of green, a propos for the venue, and lights... all the lights. 

Our team of #ladiesonladders started with creating lush coverage throughout the entire rooftop.

And we dressed one long table, with lush florals to drape down, overflowing onto the floor to create a luxurious feel to the evening, with handwritten menus and figs as a finishing touch for each place setting.

And we created floral swings to showcase some of Vestiaire's prize pieces during cocktail hour. (You do not want to know how much that Hermes bag is going for...)

The space looked like a fairy tale.

And despite the rain, we had a little moment in the sun. 


Photos by Chellise Michael and Ben Lozovsky.

Wedding at the Wythe

In April, we had the distinct honor of witnessing a couple of beautiful people get married. And can we just say, we love their love! We have to be sneaky with photos right now but couldn't help but post a couple of teasers. I mean, just look at them:

Stay tuned for more shots of their gorgeous ceremony and reception. Let's just say the stars were aligned with this dream wedding.

Loving all the love,

Photos by Amber Gress Photography.

Dumbo Mother's Day Flower Pop-Up

And while we're on the subject of pop-up shops, let's talk about the flower market pop-up we did this past Mother's Day for Dumbo. 

It was a cool day, a little cloudy, but the flowers lit up the space under the Manhattan Bridge archway. We went for a French-esque feel, inspired by French country markets of colorful blooms, perfect for Mama Bear on her special day. Families were able to customize their own bouquet for Mother. With our partnership with 1 John Street, Dumbo BID, and the Brooklyn Children's Museum, especially crafty kids could paint and create something truly one-of-a-kind for mom.

Even with the weather, it proved to be one of our most picturesque settings to date.

Flowers for days,

Photos by Deo Anunciado and Dumbo BID.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Pop-Up Shop

Ahhh. Yes, taking some time to come up for some fresh air from a marathon season of events. And it's summer time! So, let's kick off the summer updates–and we've got a lot of them–with a few teaser shots from a recent pop-up shop in Soho that we did for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

It wall started with tulips... and ended with about 500 folded paper airplanes and dodecahedron clouds. Makes us dream of blue skies faraway places.

Stay tuned for more photos of the final event.

Up, up, and away,

Photos thanks to the amazingly talented Tory Williams

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

It felt like a dream. We flew off to sunny Mexico for Erica's bachelorette party (The Big Day is NEXT WEEKEND!), and it was magical.

Liz enjoying her happy place: being on a boat.

Liz enjoying her happy place: being on a boat.

I'm getting excited for the 2nd snorkeling stop and massaging my foot. Like you do.

I'm getting excited for the 2nd snorkeling stop and massaging my foot. Like you do.

Erica making friends wherever she goes. Sí, claro.

Erica making friends wherever she goes. Sí, claro.

Isla Mujeres had everything to offer: adventure, golf cart joy-riding, snorkeling, strange skeleton-themed souvenirs, and delicious food. We ate all the lobsters and all the ceviche. We drank all the tequila. We watched some super jacked women fight, and discovered why UFC is so hypnotizing. We invented new words like "bjorscht" (when you're so drunk that things start getting weird... Icelandic weird) and made new friends like "Herve Bird the Perv Bird" (a pervy bird that seems to be watching your every move...). All in all, it was an incredible trip, and I tried to capture a few moments with ye olde DSLR. 

And we're back in NYC, hitting the ground running with a ton of fun events on the horizon. There's still a chill in the air, so we'll be dreaming of sunny, summery Isla Mujeres until we return. #MujeresRuleAndBrojeresDrool