TINSEL's January Give-Back

Oui oui friends, the TINSEL Frenchies have taken over our Instagram account for the month of January. And in honor of Mayhem and The Goose, we will be volunteering at an animal shelter at the end of the month! For every new Instagram follower these little ladies recruit, we'll be adding another minute to our service. 

Meanwhile, they'll be in charge of showing you new trends and pretty things for the rest of the month. Like animal print. They're big fans. (Faux, of course. Let's be chic about it.)


To Our Lovely Allie

Our dear Allie and her beloved Bill have flown the coop. They are en route to their hometown Atlanta, GA, for the next chapter in their adventures, and we at TINSEL are bummed (super bummed... drinking-all-the-wine-bummed)... but excited and happy to see what these two lovebirds will come up with. (Hint hint: it's a fun new project. #stillnotpregnant).

Allie and Bill, you two have been an invaluable part of TINSEL... but more than that, you've been great friends. We miss you already. Can't wait until we're reunited in May!

Big hugs,